Redlion are Sydney’s Smash and Collision Repair Experts. We understand that having your vehicle repaired after an accident can be daunting. That’s why Redlion always offers the most effective solution for your needs.

car insurance claimsWe also offer such services as:-

 Onsite assessments and claims handling.

 Free estimates for comprehensive insurance claims

 Friendly and experienced staff to assist with claims

 Pick up and delivery

 Free Substitute vehicles

 Professional Detailing

 Corporate Claims Handling


REPAIR3Full Body Repairs to:

red tick icon 15x14 Small Vehicles ( Cars, Bikes)

red tick icon 15x14 Medium Vehicles ( Light Trucks, Utilities )

red tick icon 15x14 Large Vehicles ( Flatbed Trucks, Street Sweepers )

red tick icon 15x14 Road Use Equipment ( Trailers, Bobcats )


bling carLets Bling

These days, having your vehicle with a bit of bling goes a long way, whether it be with artistic paints, swirls, diamond and swarovski add ons, does indeed help to exhibit your personal character on the roads.

Don’t be surprised if you get that special look or even bring the traffic to halt. Redlion can provide a customised decked-out two and four wheelers.


Quality LogoWhere Quality Counts

At Redlion Smash Repairs we take great care in all our work and procudres in place to ensure that all repairs are fixed at the highest standard. We even audit all our own work which indicates the date, time & which technicians carried out the work. Before each car is released, it will be given a mini valet and a final quality control check is done by our experienced dedicated QC management team, ensuring you will be happy with the final repair.

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