What is Fast Track ?

Fast Track is our unique claims handling and repairs system, Through Fast Track we can minimize your vehicles downtime buy providing you with a speedy and reliable service.

How Fast Track works?

Just lodge a motor vehicle claim with your insurance agent and provide us with your claim number. After this we can handle the rest, we will pick up your damaged Vehicle and can provide substitute vehicles in most cases.

We will Prepare all necessary paper work for your insurance agent and deal with them direct meaning less hassle for you and your business. Once the Repairs completed your vehicles are
professionally detailed and returned back to you at the completed time, as promised.

Free Safety Checks are performed on all vehicles that are repaired by Redlion Smash Repairs, This includes:

red tick icon 15x14 Inspection of Engine Mounts, Suspension Rubbers and

red tick icon 15x14 Bushes, Brake Pads, Engine Drive Belts, Engine Leaks,

red tick icon 15x14 Checking of all Fluid levels ( Brake, Power Steering, Engine Oil, Auto Trans and Windscreen washer)

If any of the above items are worn or require attention we can correct these problems at your discretion.

Do you have a Corporate Colour Scheme on your vehicles?

If so we can help with precise colour matching using the PPG Cobra and 2k Systems we can produce the colour that is perfect for your fleet.